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Mark Underdown | DipPFS CeMap IMC

Mark Underdown | DipPFS CeMap IMC

Financial Planning Consultant

I am a practising independent financial adviser who works from an overarching financial planning perspective. I have over a decade experience working with numerous financial advice firms in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

My breadth of experience provides me with a unique understanding of financial services and I hope this will be portrayed in the content that I provide and with the service I provide to my financial advice clients.

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Call: 07901 578 462

About Retirement Planning School

The purpose of is to teach people how to manage their life and finances for a comfortable retirement. The course is designed for those thinking about retiring or in retirement, those who manage their own finances, want to manage their own finances, or for those thinking of obtaining financial advice but do not know where to start. 

The course is designed to be informative, helpful and educating, and although I am a practising financial adviser; this course is not personal financial advice.

If you would like financial advice, then please get in touch with me.

Read on to find out more about the work that I do. | Create Your Financial Plan. This website discusses a wide range of financial planning topics and outlines the importance of an overall financial planning for your life and your money, along with a service to help you create your own. | Plan for your insurance and protection needs. This website focuses entirely on protection planning for individuals, families and businesses. | Financial planning for Expat living. This website helps people plan their finances when moving overseas, whether to start a new life in places such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, or to retire to places such as Spain and France. | Engage and inform your clients. This website is intended solely for fellow professionals and offers research services and material to help them provide high quality financial advice. 

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